Confession of Faith

I first heard this confession of faith from the Renovare Community when I was in college. You know those Hallmark cards that hit straight to the core of what you want to say—but says it better than you can? This is what I would call  something of a faith “Hallmark card” for me.

“This day I put on Jesus Christ.
I choose no other Lord.
This day I walk with him
and he walks with me.
This day I fasten close to me
that same Jesus
who came to us as flesh and blood
and was himself baptized
in the Jordan River.
He died upon a cross to rescue me,
and broke free from death,
its Conqueror.
He ascended into heaven
to return the more certainly.
All these truths and their power
I fasten close to me today.
I resist my own selfishness and sin.
I refuse to live as a slave to riches,
pleasure, or reputation.
I reject Satan and all his lies.
This day I put on Jesus Christ.”

- Confession of Faith from the Renovare Community


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