Four Pet Fish

Well, folks, we've done it.

We've joined the ranks of those with pets! Our four fish are neon tetras -- and with that bright blue stripe down their sides, I think they're some of the prettiest fish I've ever seen!

Our four fish are Mo, Curly, Rapunzel, and Fat Albert.

(Note: We started out with three neon tetras: Mo, Larry, and Curly. Dave's a big fan of The Three Stooges, so the name choices were easy. Sadly, Larry died after a particularly traumatic water-changing in the fish tank just a few weeks after he arrived.)

Mo is the largest of our tetras and always seems to be the first to notice when we drop their food flakes into the tank! Curly and Mo hang out together a lot, and I'm thinking that's because they were part of the original "threesome" and are more comfortable together.

Rapunzel and Fat Albert are still pretty new to our tank. Rapunzel is about half the size of Mo, so she's easy to pick out. We have a castle and a bunch of plants in our tank, and Rapunzel's favorite place to hang out is right at the top of the castle--near a collection of towers. After spotting her there time after time on the first day she joined the tank, I couldn't help but liken her to a princess in a tower. Thus, she was named Rapunzel.

Fat Albert is one of the first to notice food flakes falling from above. He's not the biggest fish in the tank, but he does have the biggest gut. And when he first joined our little group of tetras, he ate like he'd been starving for weeks. Poor thing!


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