How I Met Dave

I never would have guessed that I would meet my soul mate, best friend, and future husband online. But that’s exactly what happened!

Online dating is a little weird. I basically set myself up on blind date after blind date … and most of them didn’t go that well! Here's a tip for online daters: I found out that it’s really important to meet in person as soon as possible to discover if you have a connection. Talking online gives you a VERY limited view of a person, and often isn’t all that accurate. So, it soon became normal for me to suggest meeting up shortly after striking up conversations with men—in a public place, of course!

I had some really strange dates in the years before I met Dave. One was with a guy who had named his car and talked about it like it was a person. Another was apparently so intimidated by me that it was impossible to carry on a conversation! And then there was the guy who tried (unsuccessfully) to get me to pay the bill for our dinner, including his meal. (What?!!!!)

Needless to say, I was a little cynical about online dating after these experiences, but I felt it was important to keep putting myself out there.

Then, one day, Dave and I started chatting online. After a couple of weeks, I suggested we meet up. I didn’t know much about Dave, but I knew he was really into sports—especially hockey! With that as a starting point, I didn’t think we’d have that much in common, but I was (very happily) wrong!

During just our first hour of in-person conversation, we discovered shared a common passion to make a difference in the world … and to live out our faith in God in really practical ways. I remember that we talked quite a bit about my recent trip to India and my experiences there. Dave was the best listener and such a great conversationalist. And I instantly loved his deep voice and blue eyes. I knew I wanted to spend more time with him!

I remember a fleeting thought crossing my mind: Wouldn’t it be crazy if this was my love story? If I would someday be telling this story—even to future generations? But I had no idea that I had actually just met the man I would marry! Read the next chapter in our love story here.


  1. Laurel, I love this love story! I also met my husband online, didn't know where else to turn after college. I agree with you that there were many awkward dates and you really have to see if a person is who they say they are! I am so happy that you met your soul mate!

    1. That's so cool that you met your husband online, too! And I know what you mean about not knowing where else to turn to meet someone after college. That was definitely my story, too! :) And thanks!!! I'm so happy that you met the love of your life, too, Amy!


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