International Day of Happiness

Today, I discovered a new holiday—just when I thought I’d heard them all!

Today is International Day of Happiness. No, I’m not kidding. The UN has made this official.

Also, despite the icy roads and *gasp* snow falling today in good ol’ Michigan, today is also the first official day of spring! I have heard some birds singing outside, but I’m sure they’re not celebrating spring yet.

In fact, I think they must be all yelling at the bird that led them here so early. With beaks chattering, they’re twittering, “Bob, you call this spring?!” “That’s it!!! Next year, Quasimodo is leading us back.”

So, anyway, whether you’re a friend—or simply a friend I haven’t met yet—happy International Day of Happiness to you.

(Why does that sound redundant? Lol.)  :)


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