Anniversary weekend!

We had a fabulous time during our anniversary weekend!

We drove to a nice resort (picking up some of our favorite junk food on the way!). Dave reserved a really fancy room for us. It was the first time we’ve ever stayed in a place that has a Jacuzzi right next to the bed. So cool! Loved that!

At the resort, I discovered a new flavor of Hudsonville ice cream, and I have to say, it is DELICIOUS! It’s called "Sleeping Bear Dunes Bear Hug." With chocolate ice cream and chocolate-covered cashews, it’s a definite win for chocolate-lovers!

Dave enjoyed sliding down a pretty wild (from my perspective, at least!) slide at the indoor water park. I opted to gently float around a slow-moving river instead.  :)

We also spent some time at the arcade. Not surprisingly, Dave proceeded to soundly beat me in just about every arcade game we played, including skee ball, basketball hoop shooting, and air hockey. Dave is an AWESOME roller hockey goalie, so it was my mistake to challenge him to air hockey.  ;)

But I did survive longer in the arcade game where we had to shoot aliens and save people—so I guess that counts for something?  :)

On our final night at the resort, Dave came down with the flu. Ugh. Thankfully, we were planning to leave the next morning already, so at least we got to enjoy most of our lovely weekend together before illness struck!


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