Funny Things Kids Say

I love how utterly honest kids are. Their observations and antics crack me up a lot!

Our neighborhood kids are hilarious. One day, as I was passing by on a walk, one of the kids (clearly desperate for attention) called out, "Hey!" When I looked his way, he quickly got down on all fours and said, "Look at me! I'm a cow!"

Haha...I couldn't help but smile!

Another day, I saw one of the smallest neighborhood boys walking around to the other kids in the driveway -- and he was systematically pointing at each one asking, "Are you an alien? Are you an alien? Are you an alien…" I guess you're never sure until you ask!

They're never shy about walking up to me and striking up a conversation, either. Soon after Dave and I married, a little girl stopped me and asked, "Are you and Dave married now?" When I said, "Yes, we are," she smiled and responded, "Oh, good! I used to look in the window and see him sitting all by himself -- he was lonely. Then you came, and he's happy! You two are really good together."

Dave's really popular with the boys and girls around here, and one of the little boys told me in all honesty: "Dave is so nice! I like to go to his home because he always buys my (fundraiser) candy. He's won me a lot of prizes!"  :)

Having been a camp counselor as well as a Sunday school teacher, I've had a lot of opportunities to hear kids' unique observations. These are a couple of my favorites:

7-year-old camper: "Your hair looks like bacon."
Me: "Really? How does it look like bacon?"
7-year-old camper: "Well..." *squinting* "It's got waves in it and it's got two colors."
(Makes sense! I did have highlights at the time.)

I had a helper one day at my Sunday school class who told the story to the 3-year-olds that day. It was the story that starts with Joseph getting thrown by his brothers into a pit.
Helper: "Would you be scared if you were in a deep, dark pit?"
3-year-old boy immediately answered: "Not if my mommy was there!"


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