Insects & Rodents. Ugh!

I consider most insects and rodents my mortal enemies. At least indoors.

Outdoors in nature, I tend to admire them ...

... but they don't belong in my home!

I confess: I'm that girl who usually yells for her husband whenever there's a spider ... or moth ... or fly ... or ant ...  or other live critter on the loose in our house. But on occasion, my superhero husband is not around ... and I have to take matters into my own hands!

One of those days came last summer.

I had just arrived home from work, and I felt my heart jump when I saw not just one or two ... but a whole long line of ants marching up and down the table in our living room, gathering crumbs from a leftover pot pie. Ewwwww!

I knew it would be a while before Dave got home. So, I armed myself for battle. My weapon of choice? A glass cup.

It was a strenuous battle filled with screams (my own!). Total dead ant count? 103.

So many casualties. But a worthy cause.

And our house was critter-free ... for a little while, at least. And then, this winter, there was The Great Mouse Invasion of 2014.

Dave calmly observed the mouse and told me he'd seen one. (I reacted less calmly.)

Then, a few days later, I saw it myself! A little gray, squeaking fuzzball scurried across the floor in our living room. I squealed and pulled my legs up on the couch. We tried to catch the little bugger time and again (because I'd rather have just let it outside than kill it), but it was too quick! We kept seeing it -- in the kitchen, in our bedroom (ugh!), and in our living room. I was surprised by the gutsy moves of this mouse; he always appeared in daylight!

Finally, we resorted to mouse traps. It took a long time, but the mouse was finally caught. Thankfully, Dave was the first to see it. He shielded me from seeing it ... and he disposed of the body. (Once again, Dave came to my rescue! He's my hero!)

Summer is coming. I wonder what insect and rodent invasions lie ahead yet this year? *shudder*


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