Do you know someone who is suffering?

"One day it will be over, but it's not about how long I have left, it's about how I spend the time I do have.” – Ed Dobson

I love this quote. Pastor Ed is a remarkable man with an incredible story to share.

Do you know someone going through a time of intense suffering? Maybe you yourself are going through a difficult time right now.

Let me encourage you that there is still hope, and that it's not over yet!

Pastor Ed was diagnosed with ALS. There is no known cure. Doctors told him they didn't expect him to live more than a few years -- and it would be a progressive, painful, and difficult process.

Pastor Ed is bravely (and humbly) sharing his story, and I just came across a website devoted to telling his story.

I was really encouraged just by watching Pastor Ed's video, "It Ain't Over," which I've linked to below. You'll discover what Ed's learned through this journey about suffering. And hope.

I hope you'll take 10 minutes to see it. It's well worth the watch!


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