The Joy of Singing


I've always loved to do that.

My parents joke that I was singing before I could talk. Well, I vocalized anyway along with my mom and dad when they were singing.  ;)  My mom and dad made music a big part of my childhood, and I'm so thankful for that.

I have fond memories of taking road trips, and we'd have hours of entertainment just from singing songs -- everything from worship songs to silly songs. My mom has a lovely soprano voice, and my dad is a deep bass. As I grew older, my three siblings and I split into singing parts, which was really fun. I remember one time when we were camping (yes, real camping ... the kind in a tent!) that others overheard us singing in harmony around our campfire and joked that we were "The Von Trapp Family Singers" (from The Sound of Music).

I've been involved in many choirs over the years and even a musical (which just so happened to be The Sound of Music ... lol), but lately things have been so hectic with settling into newly married life that I put my pursuit of singing temporarily on hold.

That is, until last night. I finally feel ready to get back into singing in a choir.

I joined my church's choir rehearsal last night, and, boy, did it feel great to sing again! I'm a soprano like my mom, but I was definitely feeling the 2-year hiatus I took from singing in groups!!! I'm going to have to build up my voice's strength and range again. All I had been doing singing-wise for the past couple of years was mostly just sing along with the radio.

The strain on my voice after the two-hour rehearsal was evident ... but I felt so personally joyful and energized. Singing always brings joy out of me, especially when I get the chance to glorify my Savior in song with others. There's something so special about that.


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