Three Favorite Lamps!

As I mentioned in our engagement story, I really like lamps.

I enjoy perusing shelves of lamps in stores, looking for what I would call "classic with a unique twist." For our home, I found some really great lamps. Here are three of my favorites!

Lamp #1

This lamp glows in our bedroom. I LOVED this lamp as soon as I saw it because of its lantern-like appearance. And I confess: I bought two!  :)

 Here's another angle of the same lamp:

Lamp #2

Don't be deceived by the pink-looking shade ... this lamp is actually my favorite color: red! I'm not sure why the lampshade is so pink-looking in the photos. It's actually a really lovely deep shade of red. (The same red as the round globe you see on the lamp's base.) Deep red and navy is a color theme that carries through several of our rooms, including our living room, where this lamp and its twin are placed!

Another view. I really like the fact that the shade is longer than a traditional lampshade:

Lamp #3

This is the most recent addition to our lamp collection. Dave and I discovered it together at a new local store that just opened up! I really like the twisty-looking design on all four of the sides. Although it's hard to capture in a picture, this lamp lets off a lovely soft glow.

And from a slightly higher angle:

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into our home ... and thanks for reading this post, humoring my (slightly odd) interest in lamps.  ;)


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