Food & Memories

Visiting grandparents! 

My grandparents on my dad's side had jars full of Hershey's kisses! (I loved chocolate so much as a child that my grandma even made me a brown sweater with "I love chocolate" stitched in letters across the front!) My grandma also made special "pineapple print" cookies. So good!

My grandparents on my mom's side had a "candy drawer" especially for grandkids in their kitchen. I remember that those colored sugar drops on white paper were always in there. (Does anyone else remember those? It was really hard to eat them without eating at list a few bits of paper along with the sugar!) Cheese curls and fruit roll-ups were common snacks there, too.

Road trip! 

These are foods that I remember eating on long road trips with my parents:

Strawberry Pop Tarts


I have fond memories of sitting with my whole family around the kitchen table late on cold winter nights, drinking rich hot chocolate and eating sweet treats -- like almond or lemon bars, gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies, almond "tree" cookies, and fudge.

Mom always made a special breakfast on Christmas morning. It always included little cups of frozen fruit (which we poured Sprite over just before eating) and sausage egg souffle.

These treats usually appeared in our stockings (or wooden shoes -- yeah, we're Dutch!):

  • Glass bottle of Coca-Cola
  • Wilhelmina Peppermints (again, very Dutch!)  :)
  • Chocolate "gold coins"

My birthday!

Growing up, we got to pick what we wanted to eat for our birthday dinner, and almost every year, I said, "Broccoli Cheese Soup!" (That was my favorite food as a kid.) My mom also made chocolate cake with butter-cream frosting. YUM!

What about you? Do you have any foods that are strongly connected to memories from your childhood? 


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