My New Writing Project

The Old Testament is full of stories of God’s faithfulness to the Israelite people throughout the generations.

And you know what? I think it’s really worthwhile to take the time to remember and reflect upon how the Lord has been faithful in my life and my family’s lives.

Why? Well, sometimes when my life is “falling apart” or in crisis, I confess I don’t take the time to reflect on God’s faithfulness. And sometimes when times are smooth, I’m guilty of stepping away from the Lord in pride, thinking I am fine on my own. And let me tell you, the result is not pretty in either of those scenarios.

I want to be intentional about meditating on how God has been there for me (and the generations that came before me)—so that whether I am traversing life in a storm or on calm seas, I remember to look to Jesus as my rock … because he is the one who faithfully sees me through every day.

As a result of these thoughts, a new writing project idea was planted and sprouted in my brain. I want to create a book full of stories about God’s faithfulness to my family through the generations. And I hope to pass on this book to the next generation someday.

This weekend, I wrote letters to my parents and grandparents (and Dave’s, too!), asking them to contribute their own stories and memories.

I’m hoping to get a strong start on this project this fall!


  1. Now that sounds like something i would like to read! May your plans be blessed by the One who's great faithfullness we rely on.

    1. Thanks so much, Aunt Marlys! I'm really excited about this project, and I definitely feel that it was God laying it on my heart.


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