Vacation: Part 2

During the second part of our vacation, we traveled to the land of windmills and open fields.

Otherwise known as: Iowa!

Why Iowa? Well, Dave and I both have relatives living there and wanted to pay them a visit. Plus, I spent some of my childhood in this state, and I have such good memories!

We just had to stop when we saw this sign:

Who knew that the ice cream capital of the world is in Le Mars, Iowa?!?

Aha! We found the Blue Bunny ice cream shop! 

Inside, Dave and I opted to split a cup of ice cream. The flavor we selected was delicious. With peanut butter and chocolate swirls, I figured we couldn't go wrong! It even had little chocolate-covered peanut butter bites in the shape of bunnies! How cute is that?  :)  

Exploring the history of Blue Bunny as we walked around the shop was really neat. For a little city like Le Mars, being the ice cream capital of the world is a pretty cool claim to fame!

Throughout the shop, displays and videos showed how Blue Bunny makes ice cream and their history in Le Mars.

I learned lots of interesting facts as we wandered around. 

For example, I had no idea that they got their name as a result of a naming contest decades ago!

Oh, a little background before I get into this next part: I love Chihuahuas. I think they're adorable with their big eyes and ears!  :)  Dave knew this about me even when we were dating, and he got me my very first Chihuahua! We named him "Ren."

Ren accompanied us on our trip and made it into quite a few photos. He photo bombed this one of the Iowan countryside:

Ren definitely felt those Iowa winds a-blowin' that day:

Oh, and let's not forget Taco John's! It was my first time eating at one of these restaurants, and the food was SO GOOD!

As you can see, Ren was thrilled:

I'm so glad my husband and I are the same kind of weird. 
It's a joy being married to my best friend!


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