Gift Ideas for Compassion Child

I sponsor a little girl who lives in Indonesia through Compassion International.

Her name is Adelce.

I love writing her short letters to share about my life and encourage her. I've had so much fun getting creative and thinking of flat, inexpensive items I can mail to Adelce to brighten her day and bring a smile to her face, too!

Learn more about Adelce (and another girl I started sponsoring named Rhoda!) here.

So far, I've mailed some duct tape crafts -- including a bracelet and a little coin purse. (I have to say, I love all the fun colors and patterns duct tape has these days!) Here's another duct tape craft I'm planning to send soon: a bookmark!

I often send stickers, too (because really, who doesn't love stickers?!). I'm a fan of sparkly stickers, animal stickers, and puffy stickers. I also purchased a cheap set of regular stickers and use them to decorate the letters I send to Adelce. One of these days, I'm planning to write to her using some colorful stationary or a greeting card -- just to mix things up!

The craft below is one I just completed today. I printed out a world map and used star stickers to mark where Adelce and I live. Then, I "drew a line" between the two using heart stickers.

I traced the outline of my hand on card stock paper, then used a scissors to cut out the shape of my hand. Maybe someday Adelce will trace out her hand and send it to me, too!

Then, to jazz up an "ordinary" picture, I cut out a piece of the same card stock paper and put it behind a photo.

Did you know that you can make a tiny book using just one piece of printer paper? It's true! I found several versions of directions through Google. You can search and find one that works for you! I had a lot of ideas about what to put in this little book, and I eventually decided to make a "Princess" book for Adelce. Want even more ideas? Check out my Gift Ideas for Compassion Child (Part II).


  1. Thank you for your great ideas. I have sponsored "Daniel" for 5 years and am always looking for creative "flat" things to send him.

    1. Absolutely, Barb! I'd love to hear any ideas you have or find, too. :) I'm always trying to brainstorm new ideas for what to send to my Compassion girls.

  2. AWESOME ideas!!! THANKS :) God Bless!


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