Why I Returned To Facebook

I took a long hiatus from Facebook, and I've been asked some questions about why I decided to return. So, I thought, why not turn it into a blog post?  :)

In college, I learned that I can restore some "shalom" to different spheres of existence -- in my life and in the world at large. And I want to "redeem" a small corner of Facebook, so to speak. I want to use it to speak good, hope, light, laughter, honesty, and life into a world filled with darkness.

Also, I miss being able to advocate for causes I care about. Social media is turning into a MASSIVE fundraising avenue (just look at the success of the Ice Bucket Challenge!), but I felt like my hands were tied. I can't make a difference in a social networking way unless I'm on social networks -- and Facebook is the big kahuna in the online world right now.

But honestly, one of the biggest reasons for my return to Facebook was that I missed being able to connect with friends. I don't have the time to connect with every one of my college buddies in person, but I still LOVE to hear about what's going on in their lives. Births, weddings, and silly videos. Or sad/scary things, prayer requests, and financial needs. For me, even having that small connection means a lot.

Have you ever taken a hiatus from Facebook? If so, why did you return?


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