Purity Isn't Popular (Episode 3)

Fall begins this month! It's my favorite season.  :)

I love apple picking, taking walks in the woods, and snuggling a warm cup of tea in my hands. Oh, and thunderstorms. I really like thunderstorms!

Maybe you remember how I wrote back in April about making changes to my purity standards. Well, I wanted to give an update on how things are going. As with any lifestyle change, it was hard to get used to this and make it a habit at first, but it is getting easier!

Here's what's been happening:

I changed all the preset radio stations in my car to Christian or classical music. This helps me avoid taking bad stuff in with the "good" or "neutral" on secular radio stations. Don't get me wrong—I like a variety of music, but it's just not worth it to me to have to listen to immoral crap alongside decent music.

I have been cutting out more TV shows and movies. Taking a critical look at what I'm watching—through the lens of Ephesians 5—I have begun to "re-sensitize" myself to what is right and wrong. My ability to discern those things took a nosedive years ago as soon as I started to rationalize and excuse certain things, thinking they "weren't that bad." Now, I am working to reverse that process ... to make myself more sensitive to prompting and correction from the Bible because I want to honor God with my life.

I confess that one day last summer, I was feeling whiney. I just wanted to sit down and watch a funny show like The Big Bang Theory to unwind and relax, as I used to. I was feeling sorry for myself that I had committed not to watch something that many other Christian believers wouldn’t bat an eye at. But the next thought I had stopped me in my tracks. I remembered Jesus’ sacrifice. His agonizing death on the cross to pay the penalty for my sins. What right did I have to complain about my “sacrifice,” which suddenly seemed so tiny? Jesus sacrificed his very life for me. Giving up a TV show I once liked shouldn’t even be in the category of “sacrifice.” That realization really propelled me forward … and has kept me motivated.

Dave has been really wonderful through all of this, by the way, and is walking this journey with me, even though it’s not always easy or fun. We’ve had to stop watching a lot of seemingly “clean” shows—sometimes several episodes in—because they suddenly used God’s name in an offensive way (swearing) or a husband cheated on his wife or something else to that effect. This stuff is EVERYWHERE, people. And it’s frustrating. And horrible. Satan has his claws in deep into the media we consume.

On the bright side, because I can’t find much by way of clean movies and TV to watch, I’m spending more time playing games with Dave, reading, making craft projects, writing (of course!), and other non-media-related stuff. And that is definitely a side effect I am okay with!  :)

What are some of the fun things you like to do outside of watching TV or movies?


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