Winter is coming. Here's "Sand"!

From what I hear about the forecast, winter is coming quickly!

So, before snowflakes start hitting the ground, how about a little taste of summer? I wrote this poem a few years ago. By the way, I hope you're enjoying reading my poetry and other writings. This blog has sort of morphed into a space for me to share some of my reflections on life, personal writings like poetry and short stories, life updates, and a generous smattering of other things.  :)  Anyway, thanks for reading!


Silent tears
drip from the sky

wet holes in the sand

The young girl runs
with her towel
flapping from both upheld fists

A thousand shimmering diamonds
splash the shore before her in steady rhythm

Bare toes lightly touch the
damp carpet
with each step

And the music of the beach dances in her ear.


  1. Laurel I enjoyed you poem and your previous post's song lyrics. They each reflect things that I have been contemplating lately. I would like to see you and Dave soon. Let me know when works for you.

    1. Thanks, Todd! Left you a message about getting together. :)


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