The Trap of Apathy

I want to have a fulfilled, meaningful life. (Don't we all?)

Sometimes that can show up as (for lack of a better word) "restlessness" with the way things are. I think God can use that restlessness to push us to do great things with our lives--things that glorify him.

Now, don't get me wrong, contentment is a great thing. What terrifies me is falling into the trap of being too content with the way things are ... to settle for less for my life when God has better plans for me.

I know Satan would love nothing more than for me to just talk about serving God with my life, but do absolutely nothing about it. He hopes I’ll “entertain myself to death” and focus on no one but myself to the end of my days. But that's a recipe for an empty life--always chasing after the next high--because on my own, I can't reach a place where I'm completely fulfilled.

No matter how many new haircuts I get, Pinterest projects I make, or new movies I watch, it's never enough. There's always that "one more thing."

What's the problem? I get too focused on me sometimes and lose sight of God.

The fact is, the entire point of reality is not about me … it’s about God. Giving up my selfish ways is hard (I’m naturally inclined to “take” instead of “give”). I'm not always perfect at giving things over to God, but I keep striving to do that because I'd rather have God in the driver’s seat of my life. He's much better at directing my life than I am.  :)

That’s how a fulfilling life is lived … by giving it up.


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