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Adelce and Rhoda

Have you ever thought about sponsoring a child? I'd love to tell you a little more about my two sponsored girls, Adelce and Rhoda. I really enjoy corresponding with them via snail mail! Their letters always make my day brighter!

Adelce is the youngest girl I sponsor. She's 8 years old--and lives on the other side of the world in Indonesia. Her favorite color is brown. (Hey, somebody's gotta love it!) Adelce reminds me a lot of me when I was her age. She loves dolls and bicycling.  :)  Her dad can't always find work, so their family struggles to get by day-to-day. Adelce's dad takes her to school, which is a long ways away from their home. I am so glad that Adelce's family places a high value on Adelce getting an education. I can tell she's going to grow up to be an amazing young woman. Even at her young age, Adelce has a heart to fight against injustice ... she wants to be a policewoman when she grows up! Adelce's letters are always a bright spot …

Chad and Me (sequel to "Legless Ants and Recess")

Perhaps you remember my "Legless Ants and Recess" short story. Well, if you just can't get enough of Chad, Walter, and Daphne, here's a little sequel I wrote!  :)

Chad wasn’t exactly popular, but he could kick a soccer ball farther than anyone else in second grade (although not with great accuracy). And he could swing around from bar to bar on the half-dome jungle gym in the center of the playground. Chad was so often on the jungle gym that he was practically a part of it. He even hung upside-down, holding his somewhat creepy sidekick, Walter, fast with one arm. The stuffed animal bat, black with beady eyes, never left Chad’s side.

Most kids on our class thought Walter was creepy.

Walter was present the day I first met Chad. It was my first day in first grade. During recess, I sat in the corner of the playground underneath a tree, trying to pretend I was invisible. “Hey, you!” a voice yelled. I glanced up and saw Chad bolt off of his perch on the jungle gym.

He raced…

What to say to someone struggling with anxiety

I’ve shared a little with you about my history with anxiety.

You read about my first anxiety attack and my journey through blaming myself … and then finally getting help. Well, as I mentioned in that last post, my battle with anxiety continues day-to-day. Maybe someone you know and love is going through a similar struggle and you're wondering how you can help. I’d like to share with you what I’ve found helpful in this journey.

Oh, and a quick disclaimer. I am by no means a medical professional. There are many forms of anxiety … and this is just what I personally found helpful.  :)

Remind me that you love me.Be supportive of me getting help through medication and/or therapy if it’s needed.Give me grace if I’m short with you or irritable … because that can happen when I’m feeling especially anxious.Let me cry and let me know that it’s okay not to have myself together all the time.If I’m having a panic attack, remind me to breathe deeply and that it will pass. Pray for me.Gently enco…

Craft photos!

Remember that Scrabble project I mentioned last month?

Well, it took me longer than I thought it would, but I now have 3 out of the 4 Scrabble coasters done! I had some trouble with the glue at first, but they turned out quite nicely. The polyurethane finish really makes them look great and will help protect the wood from moisture! Here's a photo of a couple of the finished coasters:

Special thanks to my husband, who helped out with gathering supplies and parts of the craft process!  :)  Dave's very talented when it comes to putting things together. Just take a look at this nifty Metal Earth scorpion he put together this week!