Adelce and Rhoda

Have you ever thought about sponsoring a child? I'd love to tell you a little more about my two sponsored girls, Adelce and Rhoda. I really enjoy corresponding with them via snail mail! Their letters always make my day brighter!


Adelce is the youngest girl I sponsor. She's 8 years old--and lives on the other side of the world in Indonesia. Her favorite color is brown. (Hey, somebody's gotta love it!) Adelce reminds me a lot of me when I was her age. She loves dolls and bicycling.  :)  Her dad can't always find work, so their family struggles to get by day-to-day. Adelce's dad takes her to school, which is a long ways away from their home. I am so glad that Adelce's family places a high value on Adelce getting an education. I can tell she's going to grow up to be an amazing young woman. Even at her young age, Adelce has a heart to fight against injustice ... she wants to be a policewoman when she grows up! Adelce's letters are always a bright spot in my day! I love her colorful drawings.


I started sponsoring Rhoda not too long ago. She's 10 years old and lives in Tanzania. Her mom and dad can't always find work, so, like Adelce's family, they struggle to get by. Rhoda has many chores to do, including washing clothes, gardening, running errands, cleaning, caring for animals, helping out in the kitchen, carrying water, child care, gathering firewood, and buying/selling in the marketplace. That's a lot of work for a little one! When she has free time, Rhoda loves to play with dolls, play games with her friends, draw, and tell stories!  :)  We share the same favorite color: red. When she grows up, Rhoda wants to be a teacher. So far, I've received one letter from Rhoda. She is such a sweetheart. I can't wait to get her next letter, which should be arriving soon!

If you've ever thought about sponsoring a boy or girl, I definitely recommend taking a look at Compassion International's website. You can learn more about what their programs provide for kids like Adelce and Rhoda and take a look at the profiles of kids who are still waiting for a sponsor ... and maybe you'll feel God's tug on your heart to get involved and be a positive voice in a child's life.

Sponsoring these girls has already been a big blessing in my life, and I am so excited to see them grow in the coming years!


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