Letters in the mail!

Yay! I love getting letters in my mailbox!

Two arrived for me recently from the girls I sponsor through Compassion International.

I found out that Rhoda (10 years old, living in Tanzania) is learning about HIV and is gaining basic computer skills. I'm so proud of her because her grades in literally EVERY area of study has improved from her first term to her second term of school this year. Way to go, Rhoda!!!

And little Adelce (8 years old, living in Indonesia) wrote her letter in her own handwriting for the very first time! Some of my favorite quotes, "I've ever eaten banana because I like it. I also like to singing." She told me when she grows up, she wants to go to university and get married. In the future, she hopes to visit Jerusalem.

Learn more about the impact of sponsorship on a child in this sweet, moving video from Compassion International:


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