A Blast from the Past

I started keeping a journal when I was 7 years old. My family took a trip out west when I was that age, and I made sure to write down what caught my interest. It's neat for me to be able to relive memories through the eyes of my young self. Just for fun, the rest of this post is excerpted from the journal I kept on that trip. Enjoy!  - Laurel

We packed lots of things. We had Fanny Fae along. She is funny. She is a stuffed bear. She is mine. I got her for Christmas. I like going on trips.

There is a lot of corn there. I like corn. Do you? There is a place that has a silly name. I think there is 10,000 corn there.

We are going to the Badlands. I can’t wait until we get there. I can already picture it in my head – it looks bad. That is why it is called the Badlands because it looks bad. Get it? M-m-m-m. It was time for water and a snack. It was good. Then we went on our way. We were at the Badlands. We climbed a Badland mountain. They are high mountains.

At Wall Drug Store, I bought an Indian doll. She is special. She is expensive. She cost $5.00. I had $5.00, and I bought her. I do not have a voice for her yet, but I will someday. I will name her, too, someday. She is sort of big and sort of small.

We panned for gold, and I got some gold. It was shiny! I loved it. It was raining then, but I was inside of the building that had panning. We are going to Yellowstone Park. I can’t wait. I like what we did so far.

We rode in the clouds on a road in our car. Our ears popped. It was neat. It was great. It was terrific! It was fun. I saw animals. I saw two houses, lots of sheep, and a dog, and some more people, too. I like going on trips. They are exciting. We were at the Yellowstone Park. The lake was almost frozen. We looked for bears. We did not find any the first day yet – the first day in Yellowstone Park. We saw some mud volcanoes. It was stinky. I plugged my nose. We saw 30 buffaloes or more. We saw ducks in a pond. We saw the biggest buffalo in the world! We saw the geysers. I got to be a Junior Ranger.

We went swimming yesterday. It was fun. It goes to 8 feet water, and the shallow was 1 foot deep. Now that is so low. And 8 feet is deep. I cannot swim yet. I have swimmies. Do you like swimming? I do. We went to McDonald’s. We played on the toys. Then, we went on our way. We are going to the desert today. It will be fun. We went through a tunnel. It was fun.


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