Our Summer Bucket List

It's still cold ... and the ground is covered with snow.

But seeing as March 20 is officially the first day of spring, I think now's as good a time as any to start thinking about a summer bucket list. (Plus, the thought of doing anything outdoors in the sunshine fills me with warm fuzzies right now!) I created a list of things I was looking forward to doing last summer. I carried some over from that list to this one ... and am adding in a bunch of new ideas!

1. Mini-golf and/or regular golf.
2. Kid stuff. Like sidewalk chalk and bubbles.  :)
3. Canoeing.
4. Blueberry picking. (I enjoyed doing this last year. We picked so many, I still have a little left in our freezer!)
5. A picnic in the park.
6. Lots of visits to the beach!
7. Hike in the woods.
8. Go swimming and/or visit a splash pad.
9. Enjoy a sweet treat at an outdoor ice cream shop.
10. Go to a baseball game!
11. Make a sand creation.
12. S'mores!
13. Water park.
14. Read outside.
15. Visit the dunes!
16. Rent a popup trailer and go camping.
17. Stargazing.
18. Fly a kite!
19. Make paper boats and sail them.
20. Feed ducks.
21. Visit a zoo.
21. Water balloon fight!
22. Go to the fair.

And there are still many weeks before summer begins, so the list may very well grow between now and then! What do you think Dave and I should add to our summer bucket list?


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