Gift Ideas for Compassion Child (Part 2)

Gift Ideas for Compassion Child, which I wrote back in July, is one of my most popular blog posts of all time!

So, I think a Part II is long overdue!

I'm sending letters and small, flat paper objects to Adelce and Rhoda, the two girls I sponsor through Compassion International, and here are some of the recent things I've sent and/or am sending soon. I hope it sparks some ideas of your own!  :D

I recently took a one-night art class with my husband. After our class, I had him snap a quick picture of my finished product. If you're artsy, a photo of you with one of your art pieces might be a fun thing for your sponsored child to see!

If you're more of a doodler, send some doodles! Also, crayons and markers aren't just for kids! Here's a scene I drew and colored to send to one of my girls:

I really enjoy card stock paper -- it comes in such fun colors and patterns and there's so much you can do with it! I cut some rectangles out of card stock and stapled the pages together to make a small book:

One of my more recent ideas was to trace shapes on card stock and then cut them out. You could do outlines of clothes for paper dolls, animals, stars or other shapes ... use your imagination! I LOVE the way these dresses turned out!

Finally, if you're looking to add a little sparkle, I really have enjoyed using this roll of duct tape (I can't be the only girl who loves shiny things!). TIP: Fold duct tape around the edge of a letter or make it into a simple bookmark!  :)


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