How a Cactus Says, "I Love You"

When thinking of things that say, “I love you,”
Cacti don’t usually make the list
With prickly and pointy spines
They aren’t likely to be chosen if you want to be kissed

More likely candidates include
Deep red roses, candlelight, champagne
Sweet chocolate, a heartfelt note,
Or a violinist’s beautiful strains

But you knew my heart
And weren’t afraid to break the rules
You searched for that perfect cactus
Which meant more to me than jewels

The truth is, love is not one-size-fits-all
So, let me give the rest of you guys a clue
Find out what your girl really wants
It might just be a cactus that best says, “I love you.”

This poem is part of my April Poetry Challenge. In honor of National Poetry Month this year, I'm writing lots of poetry and posting a new poem every day in April! Read more of my poetry here.


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