My Anxiety, the Troublesome Tagalong

“Mental illness” is a scary phrase
A stigma that dogs me now
Throughout my days
A companion I wish I could disavow.

Niggling fear in the back of my mind
Becomes a fast drumming heartbeat
My breathing feels confined
Numbness steals my hands and feet.

Anxiety was huge and I felt small
Even novels, movies, and driving
Left me curled in a ball
And barely surviving.

My wet grip on the life raft kept slipping
Over and over again, I sank in anxiety waves
Losing sight of the raft, cold and dripping
Feeling anything but brave.

This poem is part of my April Poetry Challenge. In honor of National Poetry Month this year, I'm writing lots of poetry and posting a new poem every day in April! Read more of my poetry here.

P.S. If you'd like to read more about my journey with anxiety, start here: My Struggle With Anxiety (Episode 1)


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