The Madwoman's Murmurings

I pace the halls more often than I should With a miniature dragon in my teacup. A key is trapped by peanut butter on my mirror. I wonder if dinner could get any weirder. With a bite of prickly cactus for dessert, I turned green. My pens started to whisper, and I screamed. For protection, I hired a llama who could find a werewolf hair To get the cigarettes out of my ears. Spiders keep stealing my nail polish brush. Sometimes I swear the wallpaper hears my thoughts. I like pickles, and sickles, and hearing blood trickle. I formed a daisy chain out of metal drains But I have never made a paper crane.

This poem is part of my April Poetry Challenge. In honor of National Poetry Month this year, I'm writing lots of poetry and posting a new poem every day in April! Read more of my poetry here.


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