Finding Our Dream House

Dave and I will soon kiss condo life goodbye.

We're planning to buy a house--and hope we can find a great one before Thanksgiving. Soooo excited! It'll be my first time buying a home (although Dave has walked this path before). Any advice to share for this first-time home buyer? I'm all ears.

Dave and I started to put together a wish list for our dream home, and here's what we've come up with so far:

  • Newer roof and good structure
  • 3+ bedrooms
  • 1.5+ baths
  • 2-stall attached garage
  • 1 story with finished basement
  • Lots of kitchen counter space & cupboards
  • Fenced-in backyard for Molly, our dog  :)
  • Brick home
  • Nice, family-friendly area
  • Close to a library

We're willing to put a bit of work in to finish a basement, put up a backyard fence, etc. And I know we might not get everything on our wish list ... but it sure would be nice!  :D

UPDATE: Our house-buying plans have been delayed until spring of 2016. Stay tuned!


  1. Good luck with your hunt! :) Your wish list looks great and I think pretty realistic, all things considered. :) Steve and I are hoping to buy within the next year or so as well, so maybe we'll both find something close together! Great neighbors are always on my wish list ;)

  2. Ooooh! That would be fun! :D And thanks, I'm excited to get started. Houses are selling fast around here, so I'm expecting it'll be a whirlwind as we really dive in over the next few months.


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