June 3, 2015

What’s New with Dave and Laurel

I’ve been asked lately about what’s new with Dave and me.

Well, last month, we started tutoring a young Burmese family in English together. I’ve always loved to teach (just ask my younger sister!), and it’s been fun to make lesson plans and help this family get a handle on some of the basics of our crazy language!

Another ministry opportunity that I recently jumped into is writing to people who are in prison. I write once a week to encourage one person and share about my faith over time. Of course, I love to write—so this is a natural fit for me! Some of you might find this odd, but I really like to send and receive snail mail. There is something so personal about that—because it takes more time and effort than sending off an email or text. And there’s a lot more room for creativity! I can doodle and use stamps … and even send origami or a picture I colored. (Yes, I still color. Don’t judge.)  ;)

Meanwhile, Dave and I are keeping an eye on the housing market and familiarizing ourselves with the steps we need to take. We’re excited to start seriously house hunting next month!

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