July 11, 2015

Our First Fundraiser!

We thought we'd kick things off with a little mini-fundraiser! Dave and I are offering these bottles to friends, family, coworkers--anyone local who will take one.  :D  Excited to see what God does through this to raise funds for our domestic infant adoption.

People who live far away:

You can still participate in our Baby Bottle Fundraiser! Just collect change in a jar or cup at home. Then, tally up your total at the end of August and make a gift to our fundraising page!

Thanks for being a part of our family's story! :D

Baby Bottle Fundraiser

“Feed me quarters, pennies, nickels, and dimes.
And if you want to, dollar bills sometimes.
At the end of August, return me to Laurel and Dave,
To help bring their baby home with what you gave.”

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