September 18, 2015

Adoption Update!

Dave and I have been really busy with adoption paperwork. Right now, we're working on finding a house (so we have room for our growing family!). We're also gradually getting in the 60+ hours of adoption education we need to complete as a couple. It's quite a process! But we're thankful for these required hours of education. We truly are learning so much about open domestic adoption and what it will mean for our child over the years.

I continue to brainstorm fundraising ideas and options. $21,000 is quite a daunting amount! Dave and I are setting aside as much as we can to go towards that goal each month. I know there are mixed feelings and opinions about fundraising for adoption. Some people say, "Well, you should only adopt if you can afford it."

I read this article by Heart Knit Home lately, and I really resonated with what Kelsey said:

"I never want anyone to feel pressured to give to us. I'm not expecting a hand out. I don't expect to be given something for nothing. I will work my hands to the bone ... I am and will continue to WORK to raise the money needed to bring my daughter home. And I will pray that people will be receptive to what we're doing. I will pray that God will place an understanding in their hearts that we are talking about children, children who desperately need love and a family, children that could be provided for were it not for FEES standing in the way."

Dave and I are middle class people. We both work very hard, and we live within our means. Our cars and my student loans are paid off. We have no debt (other than a soon-to-be house mortgage). We are excited to welcome a baby into our family and have the resources to provide for a child. However, we don't have enough money to pay for all of our adoption fees. All we can do is step out in faith, trusting that God will somehow provide for the financial needs along the way.

Meanwhile, I keep thinking ... what else could I do? Or sell? Or make?

What would be something that people would be interested in buying to help bring our baby home? Should I write a poetry book or children's book? Should I try my hand at jewelry-making? Should we make t-shirts? Should I host a bake sale? Would anyone even want to buy stuff like this?

Anyway, that's a peek inside my brain lately.

Do you have any successful fundraising experiences? Or is there something I could make that you'd love to buy to support our adoption? I'd love to hear from you!

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