12 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Younger

It's October ... my favorite month of the year!

Ever since I was a kid, October has held a special kind of magic for me. The leaves change color. It's sweater and hot chocolate season. Thunderstorms shake the roof. It's the month of my birthday. And feeling a strong breeze as I walk in nature always reminds me of the presence of God.

This year, I'm reflecting on some of the lessons I've learned over these past 29 years that I wish I knew when I was younger. I thought I'd share some of those with you today.

1. Celebrate your exquisite uniqueness!

2. Don't compare yourself to others.

3. And on a related note, trying to impress others or meet their perfectionistic expectations just leaves you feeling empty and worthless. Stop doing that.

4. A number on a scale doesn't define your worth or the person that you are. And neither do societal or medical labels.

5. Take the focus off of yourself. Bless others, listen to them, serve them.

6. Don't be afraid to open up. I know that weaknesses are difficult for you to talk about because admitting to them makes you feel inferior. But being imperfect is not only "okay," it's the story of every human being but one.

7. Invest in relationships that matter, and dive deep into friendships. Share from your heart--even the dark parts. There really is a blessing in bearing each other's burdens.

8. Writing is awesome. You should make a career out of it!  :)

9. Remember that God is truly all you'll ever need. No matter the struggle, you're still in the grip of the God who made you. Look to him for strength and the will to press on when you have nothing left.

10. Keep in mind the things that are eternal. This body is just a temporary residence.

11. Serve God to the best of your ability wherever he puts you.

12. What you feel doesn't matter as much as what you do.

What words of wisdom would you share with your younger self? One of my favorite things is hearing from my readers, so please make a comment below!


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