Gingerbread Houses & Our Baby

Molly was totally cracking us up as we made gingerbread houses.

It was clear she could smell the spices.

I could almost hear her thinking, "These cookies came from crinkly packages. Must be for me!" (Treats from plastic bags that we open in the living room usually are dog treats. Lol.) Molly danced around and couldn't understand why we wouldn't let her even lick them!

Silly girl.  :)

It was Dave's first time making gingerbread houses. He did the construction part, so they were quite sturdy little structures by the time the frosting dried!

As we decorated with more frosting, gumdrops, and other little candies, Dave reflected, "This will be so fun to do with our son or daughter someday."

We both smiled.

Lately, we find ourselves talking a lot about what we're looking forward to showing and teaching our baby. We're excited to experience the world through our baby's eyes and watch his or her own unique talents and personality develop.

We are completely amazed by how God is bringing together all the details for our adoption, especially in terms of opening doors for buying a house.

We still have a long way to go on fundraising, but donations keep coming in, and we have more plans for fundraising and applying for grants this winter. We keep stepping out in faith, trusting that God will provide everything we need.

Dave and I just wanted to say that we are so blessed by all your prayers and words of encouragement. It's a long journey, but we're so excited about what lies at the end of all the paperwork, interviews, and adoption education: our baby!

And in a few years, we hope to have another (very messy) gingerbread house to go alongside these, decorated by the tiny hands of our son or daughter.


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