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Today, I'm going to share my feelings about a controversial issue: abortion.

With the Roe vs. Wade anniversary yesterday, social media seems to have blown up with the same old debate. I pulled together some of the most common pro-choice arguments I saw and spent a little time reflecting and responding to them individually here.

Pro-choice advocates argue that abortions are okay because ...

... the baby has a disability.
Okay, this is very intensely personal. I have a mild disability myself. And some of my very good friends over the years have had varying levels of disabilities. It blows my mind that there are people in the world who say, "Well, they won't be 'normal,' so they don't deserve to live." What? What kind of logic is that? Some of my favorite people in the world have disabilities.

... the baby might suffer abuse, neglect, and/or poverty.
So, you're saying that it's better to kill a baby than allow it to suffer? Based on a hypothetical futur…

My Travel "Bucket List"

I think of myself as pretty well-traveled.

I've been to Mexico, the D.R., Canada, the Czech Republic, Poland, and India. Two countries I'd still love to get to someday are Africa and Indonesia.

I've also seen most of the U.S. In fact, the list below are the only states I haven't traveled to yet. (Anyone who's been to these states, feel free to tell me some must-see destinations!) HawaiiAlaskaNorth DakotaWashingtonOregonArkansasMississippiSouth CarolinaMaineWisconsin I guess I know where to plan to travel in the coming years!  ;)

Alaska & My Favorite Animal

Sometimes, I write poetry that I don't think is very good by any poetic standards. Tonight was one of those nights.  ;)

It won't win any contests ... or maybe even any "likes" on Facebook.

But it's beautiful because it's me. I wrote it.

One of my reasons for creating this blog is to be able to express my thoughts, feelings, and yes my poetry and short stories. :) It makes me smile inside to know I have a place to share myself with the world ... even if what I write is incomplete, messy, and not my "best" work. Here, I can share what I wish. And that's a beautiful, freeing truth. I'm not trying to impress anyone, please a boss, build a following, or do anything of that nature. I'm simply saying, "Hey, this is me" to the world.

And maybe because I love to write, that's enough to make me feel happy inside.  :)

Tonight, I was thinking about how much fun Dave and I had on our honeymoon cruise. We are daydreaming about the next t…