Today, I'm going to share my feelings about a controversial issue: abortion.

With the Roe vs. Wade anniversary yesterday, social media seems to have blown up with the same old debate. I pulled together some of the most common pro-choice arguments I saw and spent a little time reflecting and responding to them individually here.

Pro-choice advocates argue that abortions are okay because ...

... the baby has a disability.
Okay, this is very intensely personal. I have a mild disability myself. And some of my very good friends over the years have had varying levels of disabilities. It blows my mind that there are people in the world who say, "Well, they won't be 'normal,' so they don't deserve to live." What? What kind of logic is that? Some of my favorite people in the world have disabilities.

... the baby might suffer abuse, neglect, and/or poverty.
So, you're saying that it's better to kill a baby than allow it to suffer? Based on a hypothetical future (of suffering), you say this baby shouldn't be allowed to live. The truth is, we all go through trying times, horrific heartache, and suffering in life, but that doesn't mean we are DEFINED by them. Suffering does NOT equal a terrible life.

... there are so many kids who need to be adopted already in the foster care system.
Yes, that's true. But listen to what you're saying here: "There are many in the foster care system without permanent families. Therefore, this baby should be killed. She doesn't deserve the chance to live or have a family; the kids already in foster care are more important." The presence of a lot of children in foster care doesn't justify the killing of unborn babies. Life isn't perfect for kids in foster care, but it's still worth living.

... our world already has an overpopulation problem.
To me, your solution to the world's overpopulation problem is equivalent to going out and murdering people in their homes. "Overpopulation" is a poor excuse to terminate a life. Of course, I don't believe that killing is ever justified, but my pacifist opinions are a different conversation.  :)

... women deserve a choice. It's their bodies!
Because I am pro-life, some people assume that I don't care at all about the mamas-to-be. This couldn't be further from the truth. My heart breaks for the girls who got pregnant because they were raped ... and for the teenagers who feel like they're not cut out to be moms. But I am begging these girls, "Don't turn your heartache into a tragedy." Taking a life is irreversible. There is support for girls in your situation. Seek out local pregnancy centers. Talk with a counselor about your options.

... those babies will grow up and just fill up our prisons.
So, what you are saying is that it's better to kill an unborn child than to have them live out a hypothetical future of crime. We have no way of knowing what choices that child is going to make in the future. It's unfair to judge him (and take his life) based on what he might do someday.

... we shouldn't judge the pregnant women who want to get an abortion. Instead, we should support and love them.
I only have a problem with the first part of this argument. You are telling me I'm not allowed to disagree. If I do, I'm "judging." This is an unfair label for someone who has a different opinion than yours. The second part of your statement, I am in 100% agreement with. Mamas-to-be need a lot of support and love, especially if they are not finding it from their friends or family or significant other.

... those unborn babies are unwanted.
Yes, some moms-to-be don't want to raise their babies. But there are SO many families in the U.S. waiting to adopt these kiddos and give them a loving home. These babies are not unwanted. And I believe that God has a plan for their lives, just like he does for mine.

60 million U.S. babies have been murdered in the past 43 years. My heart grieves for this tremendous loss of life. These babies are being killed when they could be given loving homes instead. There are so many families (like Dave and I) waiting to adopt these kids. I hope you'll join me in praying for wisdom for expectant moms and for our country today.

Meanwhile, what are you thoughts about what I said ... or about abortion in general? I'd love to hear from you!


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