Alaska & My Favorite Animal

Sometimes, I write poetry that I don't think is very good by any poetic standards. Tonight was one of those nights.  ;)

It won't win any contests ... or maybe even any "likes" on Facebook.

But it's beautiful because it's me. I wrote it.

One of my reasons for creating this blog is to be able to express my thoughts, feelings, and yes my poetry and short stories. :) It makes me smile inside to know I have a place to share myself with the world ... even if what I write is incomplete, messy, and not my "best" work. Here, I can share what I wish. And that's a beautiful, freeing truth. I'm not trying to impress anyone, please a boss, build a following, or do anything of that nature. I'm simply saying, "Hey, this is me" to the world.

And maybe because I love to write, that's enough to make me feel happy inside.  :)

Tonight, I was thinking about how much fun Dave and I had on our honeymoon cruise. We are daydreaming about the next time we go on a cruise ... maybe for our 10-year anniversary. I'd like to skip balmy breezes ... and go to Alaska! This poem I wrote might help you understand why (and reveal my favorite animal in the bargain):

I want to go on a cruise to Alaska
Not for the fine china
And buffets

I want to recapture the feeling ...

Not of the queasy tummy I got
when I was 7 years old
off the coast of California
afloat rolling waves

I want to feel the wonder …

Of that spray of saltwater on my face
From a creature
Who takes a deep breath of prickly air
to hum a low tune beneath the sea

I want to gasp …

As the bumpy skin breaks the surface
In a playful dance between air and waves
Oh, a fin! There, a tail!
A full-bodied, salty leap!

Even with hundreds of people crowding the rails
Somehow I feel … it’s just the whale and me.


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