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April PAD Challenge: Day 30

A Beautiful Dead End

Kicking up dusty dirt
The path ends in lush, dewy grass
A colorful tree canopy conceals the sky
A hush descends in the twilight
As a fairy peeks out

Some dead ends are beautiful.

April PAD Challenge: Day 29

Things I Like

Lima beans, strings, wings
Open doors, dinosaurs, crawling on all fours
Fluffy stuff, muffs, and cream puffs.

April PAD Challenge: Day 28

Important Day

Happy, bright
Eating, singing, dancing
Balloons, smiles, candles, cake
Aging, clapping, cheering
Annual, happy

April PAD Challenge: Day 27

Into the Blue

Take off into the blue
Ocean with silky strokes
Swim to a nearby dolphin
Laughing together in the waves

April PAD Challenge: Day 26

I Loved You Before You Were Born

Did you know I loved you
Before you were born?

While you were still tiny
And growing in a tummy
My love for you grew and grew in my heart
I couldn't wait to be your Mommy!

After we got married,
Daddy and I knew
Our family wasn't complete yet
We needed you!
We waited and prayed
And got your room all ready
With a bed, clothes, and shoes
And a bear named Teddy.

I was so excited to meet you
And hug you close
To hold your little hands
And count your little toes
To whisper in your ear
Mommy loves you
Forever and ever
And as you grew,
To read bedtime stories
And sing you to sleep
Bake cookies together
And make sand castles on the beach.

God had a special purpose
In mind when he created you
I'm so happy you're in our family
Part of the Dykema crew.

April PAD Challenge: Day 25

Exercise for Kids

Jumping rope
Rope climbing
Climbing to the stop of the slide
Slide down that tree like a monkey
Monkey bar swinging
Swinging the bat at baseball practice
Practice hopscotch.

April PAD Challenge: Day 24

Lost Puppy

My puppy is 3 years old
With spots

And a blue ribbon
Tied around his neck

He likes having
His ears scratched

He was riding in my
Newspaper delivery bag

But he fell out
On your porch

Thanks for
Returning him

I will sleep tonight
With his soft plush body

And plastic head
Against my cheek.

April PAD Challenge: Day 23

Late for School

Sliding across tile
In fuzzy socks
Strapping on
My light-up shoes
Okay, now
I'm ready for school.

April PAD Challenge: Day 22

Starlight Hair

The bright flashlight
Beams straight up
Into the night sky

“Mommy,” she asks
“Do you think my
Light is traveling all the way
Into space
Right now?”

“I don’t know, honey,” I say
“But the lights of the stars
Traveled all the way
Down here to kiss your hair.
See? You have starlight hair.”

April PAD Challenge: Day 21

Dragon's Shadow

Past old oak doors
A dragon soars
Across pools of long ago
And scoops moon ash
With shadowy claws

April PAD Challenge: Day 20


Yawning sun peeks over the horizon
Ears of corn bob in the breeze
Listening to bumblebees
Lollipops in a bright hue
Overlook the golden lake blue
What, then, is my favorite color?

April PAD Challenge: Day 19

Summer Sprinkler

A cool spray of water
Tickles my skin

Wet grass
Sticks to my bare toes

Orange popsicle juice
Runs down my chin

Hello, summer
I’m glad you’ve come again.

April PAD Challenge: Day 18

Mommy's Job

Clicking keyboard
Whooshing door
Jingling phone
Whining printer
Pen tapping paper

These are the sounds
Of Mommy's office job.

April PAD Challenge: Day 17

The Moon

The gray cloud unveils
A glowing comma resting
In a black blanket

April PAD Challenge: Day 16

Pie at Rose's

My favorite pie at Rose's
Is like a peanut butter cup
Wrapped in Oreos
And drizzled with melty chocolate

April PAD Challenge: Day 15


My pillow is nearly flat
I toss and turn
With magic ringing in my ears

A simple paper note
And my tooth
Await the fairy.

April PAD Challenge: Day 14

Recess as an Ant

If I were an ant
At recess

I’d skitter across the grass
Playing catch with a tiny seed

I’d burrow a tiny hole
To hide during Hide and Seek

I’d find a cricket
To teach me to sing

I’d snack on a tasty leaf
Then nap under tiny twigs.

April PAD Challenge: Day 13

Last Place

I was last place in the footrace
today at school

But it didn’t matter

Breathing hard
Feet nearly flying
Sweat dripping
I looked up to see
Mom and Dad cheering

Even though I wasn’t as fast
as the other kids,
I’m proud of myself
for finishing the race.

April PAD Challenge: Day 12

A Silly Circumstance

Under my bed,
My shoes had a birthday
And all my fish crackers swam away.

Up on the ceiling,
I saw in a glance
That my socks had started to dance.

Standing in the middle,
I spun in circles
And everything turned purple!

In my dream.

April PAD Challenge: Day 11

I Don't Need a Nap

Sleepy, drooping, tired,
They say they need a break
To shut their eyes
But I'm wide awake

So, I sit in my room
Thinking naps are quite silly
Grownups get tired a lot
But I don't think I'll be that way really

I count the paper stars
Above my head
And then color a picture
Very red

My head starts to droop
What's this?
Now closing my eyes
Sounds like bliss


Into my blanket
I wrap
I guess it's
time for a nap.

April PAD Challenge: Day 10


Mom, I'm bored
She said with a sigh
I raised my eyebrows
And asked her why?
We have a big backyard
And lots of toys
Puzzles, games, and crafts
To enjoy

But, I said,
With a twinkle in my eye
If you can't find something to do
No matter how you try
You could clean your room
Or mop the floors
You could match the socks
And put them in drawers

Um, she said, I just remembered
I could play with my teapot
I guess I'm not
As bored as I thought!

April PAD Challenge: Day 9

Tree-house Hideout

A telescope gives away approaching pirates
And parents

This stick doubles as a sword
And walking cane

These old wood walls keep out the rain
And giant mutant bugs

A flashlight brightens the space
And casts dancing shadows on the walls

The rope ladder can be pulled up to keep out baby sisters
And hungry bears

If you ever wonder where I am
Just peer up into this tree
And you'll see me!

April PAD Challenge: Day 8


As I sit here and doodle
Munching on some strudel
Swirly designs make noodles
And puffy clouds become poodles
As I sit here and doodle

April PAD Challenge: Day 7

Urban Wheels

Hi, my name is Pete
I steer down the street
In my sleek red ride
With a black leather seat
I never mind the heat
Listenin’ to my beats
I wave to the neighbors
As I pedal with my feet

April PAD Challenge: Day 6

Whimsy in the Forest

This dirt road is newly shoveled
Bare branches
bear clumps of snow

Whimsy runs ahead on the puffy ground
Wondering what is taking me so long
He dances in dizzying circles
And barks at me to catch up!

A crooked lamppost lights our way.

April PAD Challenge: Day 5

First Snowfall

Silvery flakes descend
In the early morning hush

I clap my hands in wonder
Not a footprint
Mars this perfect white blanket
Set with millions of tiny diamonds

Surrounded by these glittering jewels
I am queen of the world.

April PAD Challenge: Day 4


Dark, cold
Silent, spinning, circling,
Feeling a bit dizzy

April PAD Challenge: Day 3

Three Old Oceans

Three old oceans
Hug the shore
Revealing salty treasures, but
Every pearl is hidden well
Encased on the ocean floor

Operas sung
Loud in the deep
Doubly inspire the whales to leap

Overhead, seagulls cry while
Careful crabs crawl the rocks below
Each starfish sways in
A sandy rhythm
Now, the sun rests on the horizon
So I slowly row home

April PAD Challenge: Day 2

The Wildflower

Shhh! She said
This wispy wildflower
Has secret power

I plucked the stem in a bower
Near an ivory tower
In a meteor shower

Its delicate strength
can make you run
100 miles an hour!

April Poem-A-Day Challenge: Day 1

The Donut Tree

Grow your own donut tree
Folks, right here’s the key
This tiny round seed
Grows up into a donut tree
Yes, siree

Cinnamon, sprinkle, custard, creme—
Try a bite and you’ll agree
This donut’s the ideal
Start to any meal!

Young man, step up and see
Feel these leaves so feathery
And taste this donut sweet as honey
Perfect for afternoon tea
Just like they do in Hawaii

Yes, siree
I guarantee ain’t nobody seen
Such a soft, tasty donut tree
Ma’am, these donut seeds
Come direct from Tennessee

Buy one for your sonny
Today, I’ll sell it to you cheap
Grow him his own grand donut tree!

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