April PAD Challenge: Day 26

I Loved You Before You Were Born

Did you know I loved you
Before you were born?

While you were still tiny
And growing in a tummy
My love for you grew and grew in my heart
I couldn't wait to be your Mommy!

After we got married,
Daddy and I knew
Our family wasn't complete yet
We needed you!
We waited and prayed
And got your room all ready
With a bed, clothes, and shoes
And a bear named Teddy.

I was so excited to meet you
And hug you close
To hold your little hands
And count your little toes
To whisper in your ear
Mommy loves you
Forever and ever
And as you grew,
To read bedtime stories
And sing you to sleep
Bake cookies together
And make sand castles on the beach.

God had a special purpose
In mind when he created you
I'm so happy you're in our family
Part of the Dykema crew.


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