About Me

Hello! I’m Laurel.

Welcome to my blog, a place where I spill out my thoughts for the world to see -- my reactions, reflections, struggle with anxiety, true stories, road trips, poetry, ideas … there are no limits to what I share here!

I’ve found that there is beauty and healing when we human beings are open and honest with one another.

This is my invitation to you to join me in that conversation of openness and honesty. I’d love to chat with you through comments here on my blog! Ask questions or tell me a little of your story. I’d love that!

A little more about me:
I’m married to a wonderful man named Dave. Our little family includes a human son and two dogs. In my free time, I like to read, try new recipes, volunteer, sing, and practice creative writing. I have been through some hard and very painful times in my life--things I never saw coming--but I’m grateful that no matter the struggle, I am still in the grip of the God who made me (Psalm 94:22).


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